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"As for the impact... I can't put it into words... the Monk Manual is going to change lives"

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Increase peace and wellbeing through intentional preparation, meaningful action and personal reflection. Engineered for personal growth and fulfillment. 


Focus your days on the truly most important things. Build great habits and accomplish your goals, all while simultaneously building character and virtue.

Spiritual Growth

Live like a monk, walking with God on the path of life. Deepen your relationship with others and as well as yourself, living out your purpose in every passing moment.

Live Life Full.

For over 2,000 years men and women have left the world to become monks—searching for happiness, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, stability, passion and God.

Who says the rest of us can’t experience the same things?

Drawing from the wisdom of monastic life, modern psychology and best practices in personal productivity, the Monk Manual provides a daily system that will help you find clarity, purpose, wisdom, and peace in the moments that make up your life. 

Monk Manual is a daily system for peaceful being and purposeful doing.

Three Simple Steps For Fuller Living

The backbone of the Monk Manual is the PAR Method, short for prepare, act, reflect, which is meant to parallel the approach of a monk to daily life.


Make intentionality


Live through action in
the present moment.


Gain insights and walk with
God on the path of life.

Turns out the spiritual masters were right all along.

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Progress isn’t always gained through new methods and ideas. Sometimes it’s in rediscovering the time-tested and proven methods of the past. Today, science proves that habits practiced by monks lead to human flourishing and wellbeing.

Monks are the most productive people in the world. They know that productivity isn’t about doing more things, it’s doing the most important things well. As foreign as the way of a monk may seem, it turns out to be a highly practical path to a fulfilled life.

The Monk Manual helps you bring the way of the monk into your daily life.

"I am believer in the necessity of the Monk Manual. It drives purpose, thoughtfulness, and themes to grow in and through each day. It's more than a planner. It offers a system to support wholistic personal growth and fulfillment. There is nothing like it."

- Current Monk Manual User -